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Palisade deliverability score increase

2x Email Deliverability equals

2x Open rates

2x Meetings Booked

2x Revenue

Don’t land in Spam, close more sales

Deliverability Optimization (DNS)

Feeling overwhelmed by all these acronyms?

Improve your email deliverability by letting us take care of all the technical implementation of your DNS updates.

No more gibberish, just emails hitting your customer’s inbox.
Deliverability DNS optimization
Deliverability score

On Autopilot

We set it up and you relax.

You won’t have to constantly check or adjust settings; we handle it all for you. If a problem appears, we see it and reach out to you directly with solutions in hand.

Enjoy maximum deliverability with minimum worry.

Verified Email Compliance with BIMI

Stay ahead of the curve and get your verified checkmark.

Google, Apple, and other email providers now issue verified checkmarks to BIMI-compliant brands. This boosts deliverability, displays your brand logo in the inbox, and enhances user trust.

It's a no-brainer because more trust equals more sales.

Verified Email Compliance BIMI

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Instant Results
Start seeing results immediately after implementation of your free report and get deliverability improvements for the years to come.
Save Time
No need to spend time configuring and monitoring complicated software. Palisade is made for non developers and our team is there to do the work with you.
Easy Setup
We handle all the necessary configuration and compliance work for you, ensuring that you can focus on growing your business without any worries or hassle.
Why Palisade and how does it work?

Palisade makes it easy to improve your email deliverability and ultimately increase your revenue.

We increase the amount of emails that reach your recipient’s inboxes, reducing spam and bounce rates. We improve your conversion rates and sales. It’s a no-brainer.

Step 1: Free Email Deliverability Audit

  • We provide you with an email deliverability audit with detailed information on how to improve your email deliverability. You can set it up yourself or work with us to implement the solution.

Step 2: Implementation:

  • Our software and team will help you implement the required changes identified in the email deliverability audit. Easy peasy.

Step 3: Testing

  • We perform a thorough diagnostic to ensure that your deliverability score has improved.

Step 4: Autopilot

  • Our software monitors your email deliverability whether you are traveling for work or are at the beach in Bali. We actively provide you with solutions for any potential deliverability speed bumps, improvements, or technical updates that may arise in the future.
I’m not familiar with all the DNS acronyms. Should I still use Palisade?

Don't know what DNS records like MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI are? You are in the right place. Palisade is designed specifically for non-developers to secure their email deliverability protocols. Are you:

  • a content marketer or business that is distributing newsletters to maintain a consistent presence among your target audience?
  • a sales representative at a SAAS company initiating campaigns to engage potential customers, schedule calls, and close deals?
  • an organization utilizing emails for in-house communication or transactional emails to clients?
  • or any individual leveraging emails to effectively communicate with their intended audience?

If so, Palisade is the perfect fit for you!

How soon can I expect to see results after using Palisade?

You'll start seeing improvements in your email deliverability immediately after implementation. Our tool aims to immediately increase your email deliverability score and then keep it there.

What exactly do you mean by “autopilot?”

We take over the optimization and monitoring of your email deliverability protocols. You won’t have to constantly check or adjust settings; we handle it all for you. If an email deliverability problem appears, we immediately flag it and reach out to you directly with solutions in hand.

What is an email deliverability score?

Our deliverability score provides insights into how well your emails are reaching your customers' inboxes. A higher score indicates better deliverability, ensuring that your emails aren't landing in spam folders.

Guaranteed Improvements

If we can’t improve your deliverability, you get a full refund.

The verified checkmark. What is it and why do I need it?

The verified checkmark was recently released in early 2023 and will show up in your recipient's inbox and is a symbol of trust and authenticity for your company.

It allows your brand logo and a verified checkmark to display right in the inbox, guaranteeing that your emails come from your team, and increasing the click and conversion rates of your emails.

“All our emails started magically reaching the inbox in less than a week”
Marc-André Campagna - CEO - gaiia (YC 2021)

Set it, forget it, and grow your business.

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